What is the Ogle Dress Code?

Modified on Tue, 22 Aug 2023 at 09:46 AM

Dress Code information for all Campuses can be found in the Ogle Student Catalog, or see below:

DRESS CODE - FOR ALL COURSES The Ogle School Student Dress Code is based on industry standards in the careers for which our students are preparing and is intended to promote consistency and uniformity within the school. The dress code is enforced at all times during school hours, while on school premises, while attending via distance education, as well as when attending school sponsored events. Students are expected to use good taste and judgment in matters concerning dress and appearance. Neat, clean and appropriate attire creates the PROFESSIONAL IMAGE that Ogle School wishes to portray and at all times your attire must reflect professionalism. 

In an effort to have all students present a consistent and professional appearance the following policy is to be followed: 

• Students are required to dress professionally

• Student Dress Code must be followed at all times during school hours, while on school premises or at school sponsored events 

• Students who do not adhere to the Student Dress Code must clock out and leave Ogle School premises or school sponsored event until they are in compliance with the Student Dress Code • Solid black, ankle length or longer pants secured at the waist 

• Solid black skirts or dresses secured at the waist that are no shorter than the top of the knee 

• Solid black, form-fitting/skin tight pants, such as leggings and tights are acceptable only when worn under a top, dress or skirt that is no shorter than the top of the knee 

• Solid black, sleeved tops or Ogle School logo-wear of appropriate length and fit with Ogle School-issued name tag attached and visible at all times 

• Shoes or boots with closed toe and closed heel 

• Permitted accessories include jewelry, belts, neck scarves and decorative hair accessories, hats and head wraps of any color (Sleep bonnets and skull caps are not permitted) 

• All hairstyling, makeup and facial hair must be professional and complete prior to arrival at school 

• Clothing must be neat and clean. Excessive wear (holes, frayed hems, stains, etc.), unprofessional language or images, logo-wear other than Ogle School logo-wear or other unprofessional clothing is prohibited 

• No skin or undergarments may be visible between the shirt and pant or skirt - abdomens, armpits, bottoms, shoulders, cleavage, lingerie and undergarments must be covered at all times 

• Hands and fingernails must be clean and manicured - students shall maintain fingernail lengths and follow guidelines appropriate for the career they have chosen 

• Tattoos may be visible so long as they do not depict images of nudity, profanity, violence or are gang related


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